Saturday, April 5, 2014

Getaway to Fraser Hill 2D1N

A day which we decided to escape from waterless and sweltering heat of this concrete jungle to a Scottish village ambience and cool highland gateway, Fraser Hill. Fraser Hill is located on the titiwangsa ridge in the state of Pahang. It is known as a invigorating getaway amidst pristine nature tropical to visitors where it is just 2hr plus drive from Kuala Lumpur. First, we depart from KL to my housemate hometown Kuala Kubu Bharu then only start our journey to Fraser's Hill.

Fraser's Hill name derived from a solitary Scottish pioneer, Louis James Fraser, who set up a tin-ore trading post in the 1890s. Most of the old colonial charm and stone cottages previously owned by colonial traders still retained well in Fraser's Hill which amazed me very much. I am quite fascinating the collection of English stone houses left during the colonial era. Every corner of Fraser's hill offers a breathtaking scenery where you can immerse yourself indulging the tranquility of this cozy haven. Natural attractions abound including of the Jeriau Waterfall, Allan's water, paddock, birdwatching, jungle trekking and etc. This area offers various paths including Bishop Trail, AbuSuradi Trail, Mager Trail,Rompin Trail, Kindersley trail, Hemmant Trail, Pine tree trail and Maxwell trail for intrepid hikers. I wish one day i can hike one of this trail, perhaps Maxwell? Besides, Fraser's Hill is a birdwatchers paradise which a haven for various animals particularly the exotic birds. This is one of the best birdwatching places in Asia. However, we are not a bird-watching lover ,so we didn't really go for birdwatching. Rather than that we go sightseeing all along as our purpose is come to rest and relax.

We depart around 12pm and arrive KKubu Bharu around 1pm and had homecook food as lunch in my housemate house. Then we departed again around 2pm and arrived Fraser Hills about 3.30pm as it rained in the middle of the journey. Along the journey we passed by and dropped by a place called, Selangor Dam. Indeed it is a picturesque view.

Finally we reach fraser hill.   

Clock Tower.

The first thing we arrived is check in to Puncak inn.

Puncak Inn

Our deluxe room 

A spacious, clean and comfortable room, since the weather is cooling, there is no need to have fan or aircond. Reasonable price and booking can be made through phone call as well. This Inn is quite strategic where you can go any place just within few minutes.

We waited the drizzling stop then we went out to walk around and snap pictures. The weather is freaking cold and freezing as the temperature expected to be heavy mist and occasional rainfall throughout the year.

Snap with clock tower. One of the snap picture hotspot!

One of my favourite: post  box

We waited quite sometime til the rain stops. We didn't went to anyplace as the sky turns dark very fast. So we just head to the restaurant named "Smoke House" to have our dinner. 

Before we head into the restaurant, we loiter around to take picture, as the place is so beautiful especially if you are a nature lover and photograph lover. You will thought that as if you are in Britain where you can find English countryside colonial bungalow complete with old furnishings and antiques. This place serves authentic English cuisince as well as offers stay for people who like english style

Flowers blossom every corner of the house.

The waiting room while waited to be seated.

Another waiting room for VIP.

A place where you read their menu and order your food & drinks while waiting to be served and seated in their dining room.

Another English furnishing, a small corner with a real log wood fireplace, english furnitures & antiques.

Dining hall

While waiting our food to be served, we are being seated in the waiting room and served with our hot drinks.

When the food is almost ready, we will be seated in the dining room furnished with the wooden table and chairs. They partitioned some part which furnished with wooden table which can accomodate 8 people for a  family gathering or a bunch of good friends gather.

Our candle light dinner ^^

Day 2:
The next day morning we have our breakfast as the hotel provide breakfast. Later we went out to walk around to see some other attractions over here.

After breakfast, we went to a nearby coffee shop belongs to a chinese to have a cup of hot coffee.

Then, we move on to the Smoke house again to have a day time photo session. I manage to find a few small plants which inhabit on the tree.

A outdoor place for breakfast with lush of green forest view.

We moved to Allan's water. Again both of us like to capture flowers and the nature. Nothing much to see in this place just flowers, trees and some water activities.

A collection of flowers and ferns.

 Before we go back, we took a picture in front of the fraser hill clock tower as our memories.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

VCR cafe

A coffee date as well a coffee break.

A nice place to have a break if you are a coffee lover. It is just located behind the swiss garden hotel which also nearby to pudu bus station about 10 minutes walk distance. 

If you have no place to hang out but waiting bus to arrive, this is a good place where you can read a book while enjoying your coffee with a piece of cake.

As i have to send my boyfriend to puduraya but we reached there 2 hours earlier. So we decided to head to a nearby place to hang out and spend our time. As i always pass by this road but never have a chance to drop by this cafe. Today is the best time. We ordered a cup of cuppuccino and a flat white with a piece of their signature cake: The King. Sound great right?

A cuppa to free my mind. A nice place to stop for a break , dream for a second and back to reality.

Address: 2, Jalan Galloway, Off Jalan Pudu,
50150 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-21102330
Opening Hour: Daily, 8.30am - 11pm

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Acme Bar Coffee

Acme Bar Coffee (ABC) 

This is 1 out of 20 must go cafe in KL which i wanted to go for long. Today happen to drop by KLCC nearby. This cafe is located under Troika where provide basement parking which is very convenient and need not to headache to find a parking. We went there around 11am but there is a long queue so we make a reservation for 5pm instead of waiting there til don't know when is our turn.

A nice ambient and elegant decorated cafe. There is indoor and outdoor. This is one cafe that you can have a nice twin tower scene view if you wanted to see twin tower view instead of going to Skybar in trader hotel. I would recommend to go this cafe around 5.30pm when the weather is not hot and where you can see the day and night view of the twin tower.


outdoor with a nice twin tower view

The menu:

We have ordered lamb kofta sticks, sizzling brownies, 2 cups of flat white and macchiato.

Lamb kofta sticks with pomegranate mint yoghurt. The source taste sour and sweet with the salty lamb this combination goes very well and complement each other. The lamb meat is made of fresh meat unlike those typical sausage.

Another special desssert is sizzling brownies, a must try dish recommend by all bloggers. It serves hot and when the dessert served, it was still sizzling. The way they serve is nice and the moisture doesn't lost compared to those typical way serving putting even microwave. Ichiban!

A slice of cake it must go with a cup of nice coffee. Sweet and bitter combination is a good neutral combination. Not too sweet not too bitter......Hmm.....Nice~~~

Flat white and Macchiato

Definitely will go again to try some other signature dishes such as cempedak cake etc....

Address: The Troika, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3-2162 2288
Opening hour: Monday to Thurs 11am - 12am
                      Friday 11am - 1am
                      Saturday 9.30am - 1am 
                      Sunday 9.30am - 12 am