Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ben's, Publika

Another birthday celebration, but this time is with my bestie. We know each other since we were 3 years old, awesome right? We treasure our friendship and keep contact with each other all the time. So we went out for our 'dating' after her work to Ben's, Publika.

Ben's and Plan B are flagship cafes under the Big group. That day we went to Ben's so coincidentally they are under renovation, half of the place are closed up. So not much i can take for the cafe ambience.

We made order for our food since we are starving and stomach are growling. Again we ordered pesto spaghettini and wild mushrooms quiche ; for drinks, again my favourite flat white and one ice blended mocca. While waiting for our food, the best thing to do is take out my baby to capture some nice shots not just environment or food, of course the pretty ladies as well.

Boxing time!! 

2 omega eggs? with manufac date??

one salted egg and one century egg??
Hehe..this is actually smooth egg soap for face washing.

Sniffsniff* I can smell my food is coming soon....

Flat white - RM8 

Pesto Spaghettini - RM10.90

Wild mushrooms quiche - RM17.90
A pie stuffed with many types of mushrooms together with the cheese. *thumbs up* if you're a mushroom lover..slurpslurps..^^

Last but not least, birthday of course there must be a cake, at least a slice of cake.
Red Velvet Cake
Coffee flavour sponge cake with chocolate in layer.

Don't be mislead by this two pictures, we actually share the same piece of cake.

Cake with coffee...yummy...perfect match!!

Thanks to my bestie bringing me out and treating me a nice meal add on a pressie from her. Have a nice outing full of joy with her. Since i m birthday girl i force her to do alot of crazy stuff which  normally we will do at this age til everyone looking at both of us. People said in front of the person you love, you will need not to act in front of he/she, you can be yourself all the time. No matter what you are they will accept just the way you are. *winkwink* :)

muacks...friends forever oh..^^

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