Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bukit Indah hiking

This place is nearby the Kelab Darul Ehsan, Taman Tun Abdul Razak (TAR), Ampang.
No doubt and please don surprise. YES!! THIS is the entrance to the hill. Where is it? Did you spot a family were walking out from there? That is the path we need to walk into where located in between banglows.

This place also known as 天上人间/小桂林. This is just the start of the hiking journey. The leader who is an experienced hiker brought us to this new and not as well known by many people. He was showing and telling us this place is known as 小桂林.

First stop, we have a lake side view. According to my friend, evening time lots of people will come to this place to fish as well as walking with their dogs. A nice place where you can watch sunset if you are lucky that the weather is good.

First stop-lake side view. Of course we would not let the chance slip away which is Take Picture. First group picture of us and second is the girl doing gwiyomi =.=

Then, we continue our journey...I thought is just a normal hike, i underestimated this little hill. As it actually a bit tougher than Bukit gasing, as the routes are more steeper. However, this is much lesser people hike, so most of the places are still being preserved, not being destroyed. As we hike, we can always find the rivulet or small waterfall along the path. The water is chilling and you really feel like taking off your shoes to have fun and splashing water with each other.

Anyhow, we have long to go, we have to move on. 

A gentle reminder, please bring along leech repellent spray, as you might attack by the leeches without you realize until you saw you are bleeding. Leeches are camouflaged by the leaves and the sticks. You wil never notice unless you have good eye sight and always look at the ground to spot them. XD

We come another second stop, so here is our another second group photo. A place where we can rest and grab a short break to drink and eat prepared for the coming stamina-consuming route!!!

While taking break, me and my 
friend spotted a hopper, which i'm not sure is a grass or leave hopper. But after all, according to one of my friends, he told me it might be a leave hopper. A colourful insect found in the jungle which you hardly find in the field or padang. :> More little special bugs can be found and spotted if you are aware.

 A moth, which stop by on my friend's t-shirt. I am so eagerly taking this picture, although just a simple moth. 

One of the steep route but no worries all are facilitated with the ropes. 

Sometimes there are another route in a staircase for you to choose.

Some hikers they brought their dog to hike together and let the dog to have fun in the small stream. Indeed a nice natural place for both human and the animals. Here are some of the photos i took during the hiking.

A shy doggie followed a Canadian family hiking who stay nearby ampang.

Another shy shy camouflaged chameleon try to escape as he found us keep staring at him and take him as a target for taking his picture.

 Big eyes yellow dragonfly..


 Beautiful flowers.. simple yet beautiful...^^

Gina which cross breed with husky just came out from the waterfall. Her daddy told us she likes waterfall and swimming a lots. That is why he always brought her here.

The whole hiking took us around 3 hours to complete included rest and taking pictures. So it still consider a leisure hike.

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