Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2013

Before end i start blog, I'm grumbling to my housemate that i am so tired and not enough sleep. My housemate told me come to entertainment we need wake up early in the morning but not for the purpose of working. We should feel glad that we always wake up naturally on weekdays, only weekends we have to wake up earlier. Why i start with this statement? This is all because of the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta we wake up at 5.45am just to catch the hot air balloon before they take off.

Anyway, this is the second time i went to the International Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta with my very own interchange mirrorless camera Sony Nex5N.
This event will be organised annually. This year The 5th International Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2013 falls on 28th-31st Mac.
Location: Monumen Alaf Baru, Precinct 2, Putrajaya.
Flying show Time: Morning 7am-8.30am
                            Evening  6pm-7.00pm

We depart from petaling jaya at 6.40am takes around 30 minutes to reach the place. So lucky we realised we park near to the event site where all the hot air balloon set up. When we arrive, all the hot air balloon are just start setting up. To set up the balloon very depends on the weather according to the Archimedes' principle if anyone still remember. The outside air must be lower temperature than the inside air of the hot air balloon. Thus, you see those balloonist use burner to heat up the air inside the balloon. Heated air inside balloon are generally less dense than the outside cold air and makes it buoyant. That is why the event has two session only which falls in the morning and evening not in the afternoon. 

Initially we are very disappointed cause they only allow photographers with DSLR, we girls only bring along our interchangeable mirrorless camera, though we saw some photographers didn't have DSLR they also able to get in the launching field (Blue Zone). However, the god read our minds and know our wish. LOL. Our friend find out there is a gate being opened and we faster "seludup" ourselves and our cameras  in. Inside the launching field, there is a "guard" keep chasing those without DSLR camera out from there. We are like playing hide and seek with him, the moment we heard he whistling we run away and continue our exciting capturing photos.

The balloonist come from all over the world, some are from Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, United states, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Australia, Malaysia etc.

Both Laughter and Elephant are from Germany.

From Malaysia.

Front hot air balloon is from Netherland and the behind (smaller) is from Vietnam.

Hi, Guess who M i? 
Smurf and another hot air balloon in memory of Captain Khairudin from Belgium.

 Hi I am from Poland.

Buzzy & his friends Sally Mander & Max the Mouse from United States. This hot air balloon personally find it is special has two faced, one is happy and another face is surly which has the Jekyll and Hyde-like personality.

Speak, Hear and See No Evil monkey from United States as well. 

This year has two mini hot air balloons. One is headphone Balloon Martella and another one i think is to promote the movie OZ the Great and Powerful.

Can you there is no any passenger on the mini headphone hot air balloon but there is a small doll being tied on the basket there. This is a mini hot air balloon who not taking any passenger not even the balloonist.

This one no doubt is promoting a new upcoming movie, Oz the great and powerful.

All are taken off and up on the air.

According to the newspaper the tickets getting to fly with the hot air balloon sold out fast. So you have to line up EARLIER to purchase as they have limited tickets for each session there. The ticket cost about RM20. We all did not plan to take a ride as it is just goes up and down.

After all the flying show ends, we walk around to see what attraction and interesting around. In that event, you can also go for some games for instance Hamster Roll, Water Ball, Wall climbing, Segway, KMX. The cost is around RM5- 25 depending on what games. All this games are available in Green Zone.

Besides game zone, you can also find food and drinks in Purple Zone whereas there is another Red Zone and Yellow Zone having Bazaar and you can shop over there. To match the theme of the events, there is a booth selling Paper Hot Air Balloon. Each of it sell only RM15 but our friend manage to bargain and get it for RM10 ONLY somemore we kept taking their hot air balloon to play and SS.

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles OOO000oooo..We passby a place where we can find our kids time memories. When i was very young i used to like blowing bubbles. No matter kids or teenagers this is still everyone favourites and you can see the true happiness from them.

As we go, we suddenly "attack" by many bubbles generated by a bubbles making-machine. We are so excited and eager to take pictures the moment indulge in the bubbles. 

Besides, we also went to the Millennium Monumen Putrajaya to loiter as i never been there before. We realise maybe next year this is probably a good place for us to capture those take of hot air balloon.

 Finally we have a four people photo. :)

It is time to say goodbye to this event, we will come again next year!! We spend around 3 hours over here  and is time to search our brunch. Thanks to the mercy Sun that we able to enjoy and take many beautiful pictures in this event without any drizzling.

Restaurant LEONG AH, Serdang

We starved for the whole morning without breakfast, just a cup of milo. As i mentioned in previous blog post, we wake up in the morning just for the hot air balloon fiesta. However, we don't feel hungry until we arrived the shop. Come to play, we can totally forget to eat, (FOOD)! Such a Playful gang of friends. After that fiesta, we head to Serdang to have paper wrap chicken as our friend recommended.

So we head to Seri Kembangan, a restaurant named, Restaurant LEONG AH Serdang.
Address:26-28, Jalan Dagang SB 4/1, Taman Sg Besi SK4, Balakong, 43300 Seri Kenbangan, Selangor.
Opening Business Hour: 10am-10.30pm
Telephone: 03-89415942

We ordered 4 dishes, of course a MUST order dish is the famous paper wrapped chicken "纸包鸡", then we order 四大天王,佛砵鸡丁 and 奶油蘇冬.

纸包鸡: I thought it would be a dry roasted chicken cooking style, but it turned out alot of gravy flowing out after unwrapped the chicken. The gravy taste sweet and salty taste a bit like marmite chicken. I personally prefer not too sweet the dishes, so this is consider average to me.

奶油蘇冬 (Fried sotong with butter silk): Nice and crunchy coating the sotong as i love heavy butter taste. Heavy butter and egg taste which you will thought got salted egg present, but actually there is no any salted egg.

佛砵鸡丁(yam basket with chicken dice) : a basket made by yam paste which i like the most, inside contain capsicum, cashew nut, chicken dice, onion and etc taste sweet.

四大天王: actually it suppose to contain 4 types of vegetables, but the shop doesn't have petai, so only have three types of vegetables.

The bill for this meal costs around RM76 for 5 pax quite reasonable, standard price not expensive which you can have seafood, chicken as well.