Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Social, Publika

My bestie date me to hang out for a relax saturday. Here we are for the happy saturday, Publika.
First time, i came to Publika was brought by one of my zi muiz, thanks to her i know this lovely place which its interior design is different compared to any other mall. This place are full of quirky decorations, bistros, boutiques and art galleries, a place where all the visionaries and artists gather.  Frankly speaking, i like this place very much to see this art culture stuff. "Life without ART is boring". Don't you think so? even the earth contains ART, "earth" without "ART", is just "eh".

Anyway, me and my bestie went to Social, Publika have our lunch+dinner as she suggested.
Social, this place's interior design is so rustic especially the timber style decoration. They do serve liquor, cocktails and wines as you can see is all on the rack.

Here's their menu. Looking to the menu, there are many choices and looking to their price are quite pricey as i expected but it still depends what you order. For a student that haven't start earn money by myself consider a luxurious meal, though once in a while have to pamper my stomach and enjoy my life.

Hmm..don't know why every time come this such a place i would like to try their coffee up, normally i will order either flat white or latte, as i like white coffee, instead of dark coffee. So i order one latte to kick start my day up, as i am a coffee lover and a piece of cheese cake. A slice of cheese cake and a cup of not too sweet latte is the perfect match dessert. I start my dessert first instead of my main course. Hohoho... weird eating style huh? I refer ends salty food although dessert should come last.

Latte -RM8; Cheesecake- RM10

A latte with coffee art, so far i didn't get any latte that come with a special coffee art, is either a leaf or a love shape. I like surprise by the coffee art. Anyway will search for that the next. :>

For main course, me and besties choose pasta : spaghetti carbonara with turkey bacon and  muShROOOMM (in cheesy creamy sauce) & penne pesto with grilled chicken (tossed in basil pesto and pine nuts)

Spaghetti carbonara - RM22

Nice carbonara, creamy enough and the mushrooms are so nice. Besides turkey there is another choice which is smoked salmon. 

Penne pesto with grilled chicken -RM24

Spaghetti tossed with basil pesto, well i would say if you don't like basil taste you better don't choose this. Most of my friends cant accept the smell. Anyway, to me this is not strong enough, they don't have tense basil as i love basil a lot. But for others who don't like intense basil taste, this is just nice.

Address: The social, Level G2- 31-32, Publika.
Contact no.: 03-62079225/9221

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