Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A simple tea time- Whisk Outpost

A simple tea time with someone special before sending him to bus station. Not about special event or special place or special food but a moment that you hope the time will freeze and enjoy the moment longer. We have came to a cafe, Whisk outpost, inside one Utama itself. It is a small cafe for everyone to have tea time sipping a nicely brewed coffee with a coffee art and have a piece of cake. 

When mochaccino meet with flat white- Quote from him

As usual he always took my picture but not letting me capture much his photo.. (",)


We took a lots of picture as this is normal i guess. At the same time i notice the table beside us they did the same thing. Hahaha...i suppose another pair of photo lovers.  

After went through so many up and downs, is never too late to learn never make your life difficult and enjoy your life colourfully. Appreciate people who treat you good before it's too late to regret. Thank you for always be there for me no matter up or down and making my smile hanging on face everyday every moment.

Whisk outpost
Address: 139, Groud Floor old wing One Utama

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