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UK Farm, Kluang & Melacca 25/2/2012-26/2/2012

So excited and waited for long of this coursemates trip. We planned to go UK farm, which located at Kluang, Johor and makan makan trip at Melacca.

First day, 25/2/2012
Early morning 8am, everyone gather at my house depart from PJ. It took us 3 hrs plus to reach UK farm. When we reached there, stench of goat droppings wafted through the air. arrggg~~~
UK farm

By the time we reach there is almost lunch time, so we decided to have lunch before we proceed our visit in the farm.We order 5 dishes : fried goat meat with passion fruit, ''tortoise beans'', tau fu, chicken with ginger and fried mixed vege egg.

After this delicious lunch we proceed with our visit. First i saw my favourite swing. When i was just a little girl, i always go to nearest playground with my best friend and swing swing swing. Of course, this moment cant wait to capture this down.

Before we depart to each of the farm or park, we go lepak-lepak take photos with umbreallas nearby the main entrance since is a GOOD weather. We are so lucky due to previous weather report we collected from websites most of the reports say it will rain heavily on that day instead it was a shiny day. UK agrofarm provides a minibus for us to ease us travel from one place to another place.

                                                        wishing goat

Passion fruit farm:
Then, we did visit the passion fruit farm. Guess what is another photo taking time. Hehehe... Everyone being forced by me to take individual photo with the passion fruit. However i found out there is two types of passion fruit. One of types is the typical that we can buy from market but another type which is the papaya like-shape. I forget ask what is the difference. That papaya-like shape passion fruit will fllower as shown below. the flower is purb

odd shape passion fruit ( papaya like-shape) with pretty purple flower.

Inside this agrofarm, there are lots of place u can visit, eg.: passion fruit farm, herbs santuary, ostrich park, goats and sheeps farm, mushroom garden, jakun village.

Ostrich park:
For ostrich park, first time i get to get so close with the ostrich and also the first time i saw the big ostrich egg. We were given vegetables and can feed them. They are so strong when they grab the vegetables from you. A new thing we discover how the ostrich drink the water. First they bent their neck down and try to put as much water as possible in their mouth. Then make their neck straight to let the water flow down into their stomach.

Jakun Village:
In this village, full of orang asli ethnic's culture, tree houses, their atap house and hunting traps. They perform how they hunt animal as their food by using breath taking blowpipe, and also demonstrate the use of hunting traps. Besides, there is a souvenir shop that sells the toys that they used to play.

Sheep and goat farms:
In the greengrass land, you see flock of sheeps and goats grazing under the nice weather imagine you are like travel in new zealand, of course the feeling is much more different with new zealand. When you cant manage to travel to this country here you can experience more or less the same thing. The sheeps and goats are so cute. Besides, they have many types of goats and sheeps like Toggenburg, Merino, etc. Inside this farm, we are allowed to feed the goats and sheep with milks and also we get a chance to hold the baby goat. I have experience how to carry a baby, a real baby but i never try to hold baby goat before.

among the all, you are always special and sexy with your SEXY lips...hehehe.....
Mushroom vege farm:
Yummy mushroom...i like mushroom especially abalone mushroom. Nearby the mushroom farm there is a wishing tree. Above the wishing tree has a tree hunt. Well it is always my dream to have a tree house as a private area. In this farm, they plant various type of mushroom eg.: litchi, abalone mushroom, umbrella mushroom etc. After the tour, mushroom farm staff prepared us mushroom snacks and tea. Beside the farm, they also sold souvenirs and has many artificial mushroom decoration. So we decided to take a mushroom family photos.

After a tiring visit throughout so many farms and parks, finally we are leaving to MELACCA. YEAH!!!
Everyone is tired, hungry and of course excited as well. All the way we head to Melacca, i was wondering the hotel we are going to check in. Since the boss keep asking us when are we arriving, and i mimic my supervisor, on the way on the way, soon arriving to make him keep the car parking for us. You know melacca is always so crowded and hard to find parking, we have to ask the boss to reserve 2 parking lots for us. The hotel we stayed is near jonker street, so that at night we don't need drive here and there, we just need our feet...^^ It was been many years...hmm...let me more than ten years i have not been here.Many places i have never been to. I wish to but time limitation i can only travel next time. The whole trip mainly is eat eat eat trip..kekekeke....When we first arrive, we check in to the hotel call Da Som Inn which opened by a korean but the decoration is fusion with korean, japan, baba nyonya. Two pairs of couples able to check in earlier, left 4 of us waiting our room. There you goes, our room..tatatada~~~

Then, we walk to jonker streets as every night there is night market. The lighting over there is so nice and it still have the dragon decorations. Everywhere you will see the trishaw putting musics on. Various types of songs hitz song, love song like titanics... Trishaws are decorated 

Everywhere you will see the trishaw putting musics on. Various types of songs hitz song, love song like titanics... Trishaws are beautifuly decorated and try to attract tourists with those songs. Along the jonker streets you can see many stalls selling nyonya food, durian pancakes, cendol, shops like jonker gallery.
After jonker street, we walk around and here we go we arrive melacca river. We pass by wind mill and christ church which just locate opposite the melacca river. There comes to the end of the day, everyone head back to the hotel and prepare for the next day activities.

Breakfast: Dim sum 
Location: Beside Da Som Inn
Restaurant name: no idea (Lol)

In our planned schedule, second day is a eat eat eat day. So our next location is chicken rice ball. yum yum....slurps~~~ As we are still full, so we decided to order half chicken and 4 person of rice balls. If you ask me nice anot, compare to the normal or ipoh chicken rice, i would say ok lo..special in the rice ball.

After the so called brunch, chicken rice ball, we stop in front of the biggest biscuit shop, there is a place whr we can took photo that is --> 鸡场街. Then we walk to the Christ church as we are very full, we need some light exercise to digest and give space for the next meal. Kekekeke....

After walking around, is time to pack up our things, check out to proceed our next station which is dataran pahlawan, Afamosa and Nadeje (mille crepe). Honestly, i have never been to any histological places in melacca eventhough i went to melacca once during my childhood time. So christ church, A famosa are really my first time visit. There are plenty beautiful flower planted in front of the Christ church. Time to have group picture. Tadaa...all leng cai and leng luis...

Then, we arrive Nadeje (mille crepe), time to have some tea time with the yummy crepe and juice, especially at this hot weather. What is Mille crepe? Mille crepe = a thousand layer of very thin pancake. Mille crepe is popular throughtout France, also known as france cake. Well, honestly i don't knnow much about the story behind of this cake but for your information this cake is a hand-make cake, a true labour of love. Imagine every single layer of thin pancake to form this cake. When you taste it, it will melt in your mouth. Bear in mind this kind of cake, do not take away because it needs a special container to carry especially in Malaysia this hot weather.

Happy moment flying fast. After two days of non stop eating trip, it came to the end. The next coursemates' trip is awaiting and yet to be planned. 

Happy moments and memories are treasured and being recorded down here, after 50 years we can look back our the "Young, Pretty, Handsome and Wild" look.


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