Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birthday card (2) for my deer friend

 It was my friend's birthday. I know her less than one year. She is very friendly and cheerful. Although we are not knowing each for long, yet she is always there to accompany me to go through tough time, bring me out to eat nice food, ask me out to join her some nearby nice places, some special events and influence me to have the interest to take photos.

As days go by, i found out she is a traveller. She likes to travel to every corner in this world. So when her birthday, i decided to make a card for her, a simple one based on the theme of travelling.


  1. Dear keiz, thk I 1st time visit ur blog, you are so sweet, hehe, thx :P

  2. Hehe...thanks for giving face to cook look look see see... You're welcome my deer. More to come...:p