Monday, July 1, 2013

Voyage en Europ3 1

A journey to Europe where i only traveled three continental which are the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Well of course is not the whole Netherlands, Belgium nor France, selectively only on few small town or city in each. 

In the netherlands, i didn't really travel much as i have conference and internship ongoing, thus i only stay in Groningen and went to the island called Schiermonnikoog Island. In Belgium, i selected Bruges as it is ranked as the most beautiful city and Bruxelles, of course the capital of Belgium. Lastly, in France, i chose the most romantic place, Paris as every couple would like to go there for honeymoon or trip whereas i went there alone.

Each place i will wrote respective post but this is just a brief post telling where have i been to, when i am having insomia in the middle of night  due to the jet-lag. -.-"

To be continued.....

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